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Fashionable Summer Sunglasses - Flaunt Your Style

Date: 2020-07-01 20:57:17

Summers and sunglasses would be synonyms in our perfect world. Alliterations aside, the hot and bright summer sun can strain your eyes when you go out. And if you stay outdoors all day long, you cannot do without a pair of good quality sunglasses to protect your eyes from the heat and excess light.

While sunscreen lotion takes care of your skin, sunglasses keep your eyes safe from the harsh UV rays. At the same time, you want to make sure you rock the look. And did we forget to mention your budget constraints?

That’s too many factors to consider, aren’t they? Well, here is something for everyone. The following trends/ styles have been compiled for just about every person who loves sunglasses. Check out the list and order your sunglasses online from a reputed store. Many famous brands offer discounts on their products. You might get your favorite pair for a price that fits your budget.

  • Colorful Lens

Black lenses are quite common. While they have their own charm, colorful lenses can add some spark to your outfit and your personality. Though the color of the lens doesn’t affect the level of protection or the vision, it does help sports stars have better visibility when playing in wide-open grounds. Just make sure you pick a color that suits your features and complexion. 

  • Wide Round Lens

Wide round lenses are back again. Sunglasses should be larger than regular eyewear to cover your eyes from all sides. The large round lenses serve the purpose and achieve the look you want. The biggest advantage of choosing round lenses is that they suit a lot of people. Unless you have a perfectly round face, you can ace the classy and stylish look with a pair of large round lenses. And if you can find them in color, that’d be a bonus. 

  • BrowlineSunglasses

Browline sunglasses can be classy or hip. It depends on which style you want to try. The geometrical browline added to the frame gives it such a cool effect; we want this trend to continue for a long time. Both the metallic and plastic frames have a browline piece connecting one lens to the other at the top.       

  • Funky Shapes

Are you bored of the same old frames in round, square, and rectangle? Here’s something for you to try. Pick a pair of triangle Chilli Beans sunglasses or choose the cat-eyed frame. Would you like some glitter and sparkles on the frame? The star-shaped frame is not limited only to kids, is it? Take the plunge and pick something different from the rest. Go bold, and go funky.

Choosing sunglasses is not as hard as it appears. You just need to spend some time to check out the various models before picking one. You could make a shortlist of your favorite styles and then choose one or two (or maybe three) from among those. Complete your summer look with trendy shades from Chilli Beans.


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