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Survival Guide for Watch Lovers How to Manage Your Budget

Date: 2020-08-05 14:54:56

Do you have a fetish for watches? Do you love collecting them on all occasions? So you have trouble stopping yourself from buying a watch despite having dozens of them?

It’s not easy being a watch lover, is it? The allure to buy them all is too good to resist. But, what about our finances? Not all of us an unlimited supply of cash. We’ve got to manage our budget and also soothe our fluttering hearts each time we come across a lovely watch.

In this blog, we’ve put together a few essential survival tips for watch lovers who have to make sure they stay within the budget.

  • The Strap Can Give a New Life

What’s the best alternative to buying a new watch? Change the strap of the existing one. If you are fashion conscious, you’ll know that the trends change often. While you cannot afford to buy the new model every time, you can make the existing one look as good as new.

Whether you’ve gotten bored of the same old strap or want to own one similar to the latest model you saw in an ad, getting the strap changed is easy and fun. However, make sure you double-check your choice. Take pictures of samples before finalizing a certain strap. You can buy straps along with the watches in Kuwait online from our Chilli Beans website.

  • Keep an Eye on Discounts

Discounts don’t have to mean leftover stock or cheap quality. Many top brands like Chilli Beans offer regular discounts for online customers. You can buy the best quality watches in the latest models on the website.

Many other luxury brands are offering discounts to attract customers from all sections of society. This helps them have a wider customer base and not restrict themselves to only high-end buyers. Third-party marketplaces and eCommerce websites also offer special discounts from time to time. However, it is recommended to buy from a website or a seller you are familiar with.

  • There’s Nothing Wrong with Pre-Owned Watches

We aren’t talking about the classic vintage exclusive collection that costs more than our pay. We are talking about watches that are being sold by users and watch lovers. We understand that not all of them will be in good condition. You have to be very careful when investing in a pre-owned watch.

But, if the mechanism and the core unit of the watch are in good condition, you can easily go ahead and buy it. By getting the strap, needles, and the dial changed to suit your taste and style, you can make a new watch out of an old one. That too, something that belonged to another person.

Watch forums and social media platforms are god places to know more about watches. You can check out more details about Chilli Beans watches on various blogs and forums. Being armed with information will help you make the right decisions and stay within the budget. 


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