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Things to Know When Buying Eyewear Online

Date: 2020-06-08 19:21:18

Online shopping sure has made it easy for many of us to buy a truckload of items with just a few clicks. There is no need to step out of the house (or office) and walk through the crowded streets and try out different stores.

But online shopping comes with its own set of limitations. And when it comes to buying eyeglasses online, it becomes even more important to remember a few points. These will help you avoid making wrong purchases and prevent you from spending more time on returning the product.

  • Type of the Lens 
    • Multifocal, high index or progressive lens can be complicated. Check whether the online store is capable of handling high-risk orders. These are also cost-intensive. You might want to get it right the first time.
  • Range of Lens and Frames 
    • Prescription glasses already have limited range because not all kinds of frames are suitable for all lenses. But if the online retailer doesn’t offer you many choices, there is no point in buying from them. Scroll through different stores and choose the one that has a decent range of eyewear online.
  • Durability
    • What’s the point in buying a pair of glasses if they break within a few days? Don’t always choose the lowest price offered. You should consider the quality, durability and warrantyof the product as well.
  • VirtualTrial
    • So how do you try eyeglasses online? Many stores offer tools to virtually try on the glasses and see how you’d look in them. This will provide you with an idea about whether the frames you like suit you or not. Some stores provide physical Trials as well, so this is important to see what kind of satisfaction the store is offering.
  • Fitting
    • This is quite tricky. Not all eyewear is going to be a perfect fit for you. If it’s only minor adjustments, take them to a nearby eyewear store and get it sorted. For brands like Chilli Beans which have both online and offline stores, you can choose either.
  • Shipping and Taxes
    • When you are already spending enough money on the glasses, having to pay more for taxes and shipping can be tough. Choose a store that offers free shipping and also provides safe delivery. The last thing you want is to receive broken lenses or bent frames. Chilli Beans Arabia is famous for providing free shipping throughout Kuwait, that too, by following safe delivery standards and high class warrantees and in-house services. Always choose the vendor with the best after sales services.
  • Return Policy
    • Always, we mean always, read the return policy before placing an order. Does the store accept returns? What is the duration within which you can return the product? How will you return it? Do you have to ship it back or will someone from the store collect it?

One way to be assured of getting the best products online is to choose a reliable brand like Chilli Beans. The store offers some of the best brands of prescription glasses, sunglasses, and watches available in the market. Check out the Chilli Beans watches price to see the special and exclusive discounts on limited period products. 


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